15.8cm x 10.3cm x 3cm


Victor Frankenstein created his monster from materials he dared not mention. The Evilrooster Bindery is not so squeamish.

The spine reveals the making of the beast, with the stitching and patching of the signatures exposed by the holes in the leather covering. The white vellum strips that hold the volume together show their past as title deeds in sepia writing.

The flesh-toned calf on much of the cover was marked and scarred by the tanning process, then branded with the title as the book was bound. The endsheets are suede, each holding the print of some piece of nature (a leaf, a human hair) like the unformed mind of the creature. A flash of golden lighting brings the creation to life.

The book is protected by a Japanese-style wrap case, its leather hard and yellow like old bone. The blood-red inside is partly covered by brown suede, used to protect the head and tail of the book as oilcloth protected Arctic explorers' journals.

This book was on display at the Interaction Art Show from August 4 - 8 2005, then was auctioned afterward at the convention.