Splitting Infinity

Splitting Infinity

31cm x 22.7cm x 3.9cm


In addition to the Guest of Honour bindings for Interaction, the World Science Fiction Convention for 2005, the Evilrooster Bindery was commissioned to do a one-off fine binding of the convention souvenir book. This was designed as a gift for a prominent science fiction author reaching a milestone age during the convention.

The binding design is drawn from the title of the souvenir book, Splitting Infinity. A strong "split" design between the red-brown and the black elements of the pattern seemed fitting for the book. This split was carried through the cover, the endsheets, and even the Japanese-style wrap case.

The book itself is sewn on five exterior cords, with tight back and joints, and covered in brown goatskin and black bookcalf. The split on the cover is white reverse calf. The pastedowns are black and brown skiver, and the flyleaves are made of hand-decorated paste paper and Suminagashi (Japanese marbled paper). The headbands are sew with coloured beads and the title is tooled in a mix of blind and gold.

The case exterior is covered in buckram, but the cream-coloured elements are bookcalf. Like the flyleaves, the interior papers are hand-decorated paste paper and Suminagashi. There is an extra flap to contain the cover art from the mass market edition.