Worldcon Souvenir Books

Worldcon Souvenir Books

33cm x 24.2cm x 3.3cm


Charles Rennie Mackintosh styles rocket ships. Aliens stare out of Glasgow Arts and Crafts designs. It could only happen at a Worldcon!

As part of Interaction (the World Science Fiction Convention for 2005), the Evilrooster Bindery created a set of hand-bound copies of the souvenir book, Splitting Infinity. Five of the bindings were given to the Guests of Honour. Another copy was kept by the bindery, and the final binding is intended for sale.

The bindings use science fictional elements to inform traditional designs, from the Rennie Mackintosh styled onlay panels of leather and real gold to the nebulous appearance of the suminagashi endpapers.

In addition to the books themselves, each binding comes with a box. The black buckram exterior is decorated with a starfield, while the felt inner lining cushions the bindings for extra protection. There is even a spare flap to hold the cover art from the mass distribution hardcover edition.

One volume of this set was on display at the Interaction Art Show from August 4 - 8 2005 before being sold.