Atlanta Nights

Atlanta Nights

20.6cm x 15cm x 2.3cm

For Auction

This is a dreadful book, but it's not entirely the Evilrooster Bindery's fault.

Atlanta Nights is a deliberately bad novel, written by a group of established authors to prove that Publish America is a vanity press. You can read about the sting here.

To match the astonishingly bad quality of the prose, the Evilrooster Bindery has created this abysmal hardcover binding. It is bound cross-grained, out of non-archival and archivally hostile materials. The book block has been trimmed entirely off square, so that there are no right angles on the pages. Most of the adhesive used in the book is highly acidic woodworking glue, and the purple leather so badly placed on the spine and corners is from an old leather jacket. The lettering is atrocious - globby, misaligned, and badly placed. (Note that all of the S's are upside down).

To go with this travesty of a binding, the book is enclosed in a slipcase. Its off-true angles may match the book, but neither the bookcloth nor the green and yellow lining do.

The only attractive touch on the book is the hand-sewn headbands, which will probably outlast the rest of the volume.

This book will be auctioned to benefit the SFWA Medical Fund.