JWA Blank Book

JWA Blank Book

30.8cm x 24.9cm x 3.8cm

Private Sale

This is a commission binding for a friend.

The book block is made of handmade paper, deckle edged, bound in a springback structure. Like all springbacks, it opens easily (with a slight *pop*) and throws the gutter up - ideal for a journal, which is the intent. The book has hand-sewn green and purple headbands and a green ribbon.

The book is covered with a substrate of hand-marbled paper. Over that is purple cowhide, embroidered with various colours of thread and aluminium beads. The cover is tooled in aluminium foil with the owner's initials and the usual rooster mark.

The embroidery is protected with a Japanese-style wrap case, covered in purple bookcloth and hand-marbled paper. It's lined with the same paper that makes up the pages of the book itself. The cover is moulded and blind-tooled to match the shapes of the book within.